Indian Theological Seminary under Gilgal Gospel Mission, is ecumenical in its perspective. Since inception from 1990, ITS has been training students for India and abroad for Christian missions and ministry by providing a holistic theological education with equal emphasis on academic and ministerial formation. ITS with the aim of preaching Christ and planting churches is training men and women who have call and commitment to Christian ministry.

Indian Theological Seminary is blessed with the presence of students more than 70 students from diverse culture hailing from different states of India and abroad. Our students belong to various church denominations and people groups of India. ITS offers various academic programs like B.Th., BD, BCS, Dip. CS programs offered by The Senate of Serampore university and also other programs offered by the seminary. ITS is blessed with the well qualified and efficient faculty from various church denominations. We have around 14 fulltime and visiting teachers with doctoral and master degree in our core faculty team. Their experiences, talents, generosity and commitment nurture the vision of the seminary.

Seminary is blessed with digital class room facilities to ensure more comfortable academic environment. Students are offered issue-oriented subjects such as, Religious pluralism, Human Rights and Development, Social Ethics, Women and Dalit Theology, Ecological and Political issues, communication and Media awareness to train them to be more effective in mission field.

ITS is proud of its graduates who are serving Lord at various capacities in different parts of India and World. As a family seminary is looking forward to reach each and every one with God’s love.